EDP Tech Tuesdays Spring 2016

Don’t miss the latest tech demos and discussion Tuesdays at 4pm

Location: HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

All talks presented by Dan Wilcox, unless otherwise noted.

3/22/16: 3D Scanner Tablets

Presented by Prof. Chris Coleman

3/29/16: Photogrammetry

Presented by Prof. Chris Coleman

4/05/16: 3D Laser Scanner

Presented by Prof. Chris Coleman

4/12/16: Commandline

Intro to the commandline on OSX using Terminal.app

Commandline intro (article) & Cheat Sheet

4/19/16: Homebrew

Homebrew: Installing open source apps & libraries in Terminal on Mac OSX

Homebrew intro (article)

4/26/16: youtube-dl

youtube-dl: Downloading content from Youtube, Vimeo, etc in Terminal

Requires Python (usually built in with Mac OSX & Linux).

On OSX, you can install via Homebrew:

brew install youtube-dl

5/03/16: Gamepad Hacking 101

Gamepad Hacking 101 (or Don't Use an Arduino unless You Have To)

Why spend money & time building a custom hardware controller with a microcontroller board when cheap, old gamepads, keyboards, controllers already exist? If all you need is buttons and simple analog controls, it may be easier and cheaper to simply hack an existing device to have the input layout you.

You can then read USB HID button presses in your program or use a separate program which sends these events over OSC (Open Sound Control) which you can then read in your app.

Some useful tools:

5/10/16: joyosc

joyosc: Plug & play gamepad events over OSC

Easily hotplug joysticks & gamepads and send their control events over OSC (Open Sound Control) into another application and/or computer.

5/17/16: Making a Web Portfolio

Creating professional web presence can be a difficult endeavor; what will get your work noticed and attract the right audience?

Making a Web Portfolio (article)

5/24/16: Raspberry PI?

What's a Raspberry PI/embedded computer & what can I do with it?

What's a Raspberry PI? (article)