Making a Web Portfolio

Making a Web Portfolio

Basic idea: get your work & CV online!

Website nutshell: websites are files accessible online via HTTP that you download and look at with a web browser.


Use a company that provides both web server space as well as an online CMS (Content Management System).



A few options:


Pay for web space and set up your own domain.

"Web space" is simply storage on some Internet-connected computer some where (web server). A "domain" is the URL that can be associated with a web server, so typing in "" takes you to the web server that hosts the Google web site.

With great power, comes great responsibility. - someone, somewhere



Rolling Your Own (old skool)

Flat File CMS (PHP)

Only requires a web server space & PHP installed.1

Database CMS

Requires a web server space, PHP, & a database (generally MySQL).1

Getting Stuff onto your Web Server

Generally each web host offers a browser-based method of accessing files on your web server space.

Other options include applications for connecting to and working with your files:

Content Hosting

Now that you have a website, where to host your content (images, videos, etc)?

You can either:

Nowadays, everyone is lazy, so sharing has to be easy. What's easy? Using a site/service everyone already knows.

Most flexible option: Do both. Host on a content site/service and then embed the content on your site. You get the best of both: your own web presence and content that people can more easily share.


Always back up your site data & content. Do not assume everything is safe online!

  1. Mosts web hosts will offer the Apache web server, PHP, & MySQL.