EDP Tech Tuesdays Winter 2016

Don’t miss the latest tech demos and discussion Tuesdays at 4pm

Location: HyperCube (top floor of Shwayder)

All talks presented by Dan Wilcox, unless otherwise noted.

1/5/2016: Zortrax 3D Printer

Learn to use the Zortrax 3D Printer (including recent updates)

Presented by Prof. Chris Coleman

1/12/2016: Taz 3D Printer

Learn to use the Taz 3D Printer (more materials, less ease of use)

Presented by Prof. Chris Coleman

1/19/2016: Git + GitHub

Git + Github

Git + Github: The Basics Every Coder Needs to Know (slides PDF)


1/26/2016: Wireless Networking Basics

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking Basics for Performance/Installations (article)

2/2/2016: OSC

Cancelled due to weather

2/9/2016: OSC take 2

OSC glue

Gluing Apps & Computers Together with Open Sound Control (OSC) (slides PDF)




Fun Things to Try:

2/16/2016: openFrameworks

OF logo

An intro to openFrameworks: http://openframeworks.cc

Download OF here: http://openframeworks.cc/download

Useful info:

What is openFrameworks?

openFrameworks (or "OF" for short), is an open source C++ framework for creative coding, similar to Processing. It is written in the C++ language and wraps a large set of libraries to provide a simple to use programming interface.

What can I do with it?

Since it's written in a "lower level" language than Processing, it can be an order of magnitude faster for things like pixel processing, computer vision, large scale datasets, etc. It's used by artists, designers, performers, and the advertising industry for large scale, realtime graphical applications.

What can I run OF programs on?

OF supports desktop operating systems (Mac/Windows/Linux), mobile (iOS/Android), as well as embedded computing (RaspberryPi/tvOS). This means, similar to Processing, you can write one app that you can build & run on multiple platforms using the same code.

What's harder about using it than Processing?

OF doesn't come with a built-in editor environment and you will need to learn to use a more software development program like Xcode (Mac), Visual Studio (Windows), etc. AT some point, you will also have to learn about things like memory management, pointers, etc. It's not hard, but requires a little more understanding when doing complex projects. It's kind of like moving from the Processing editor to using Eclipse/Netbeans in Java.

There are a few projects that are building tools to make OF easier to work with for beginners, most notably ofSketch.

What's great about OF?

We already mentioned the speed but one of the best aspects of OF is the addons ecosystem. An OF "addon" is basically an additional library that adds extended functionality to the openFrameworks programming interface and is named using the "ofx" prefix. There are hundreds of community supplied addons providing expanded sensor access, sound processing, physical modeling ,etc.

See ofxaddons.com for a searchable list of the currently available addons.

2/23/2016: Pure Data

pd logo

Intro to Pure Data aka "Open Source Max" (or PD for Max users)

We'll be following the Bang Your Head intro to PD. Follow this link for a list of useful references and resources.

3/1/2016: libpd

libpd: Pure Data as an embeddable audio engine


Making Musical Apps (libpd book)

libpd Github

ofxPd: libpd addon for openFrameworks

DroidParty, PdParty, MobMuPlat