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Run Pure Data patches on Apple mobile devices

PdParty Website: danomatika.com/code/pdparty

Length: 2-3 hours

What You Need

  1. Install PdParty on your iDevice, either as
  2. Install Pure Data vanilla to your desktop computer*
    • Download from puredata.info
    • Also available as a Linux distro package, ie. "puredata" on Debian
    • or build from source(?!)
  3. Download the PdParty Composer Pack ZIP

*The current release version of PdParty 1.2, has an issue with patches created by Pd 0.52+. If you are using the release version, it is recommended to use an older version of Pure Data vanilla.

This work has been supported, in part, by ZKM and a pair of workshops given at the LEONARDO – Zentrum für Kreativität und Innovation Nürnberg.

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