Creative Statement

I Am A Real Artist - Keith Arnatt

Before you begin project work in this class, you will write a "creative statement" which defines your overall creative interests and motivations. This is basically an artist statement and, whether you are an artist or not, looking inward is often part of the process of outwards expression. You do what you do, but are you in touch with the meanings behind your choices?

We will conduct a short exercise in-class to help you define your own "definition of art" with which you can use as the basis of your statement.

At the end of the quarter, you will update this statement for your final portfolio.



Write a concise General Statement for Creative Works, no more than a half page. You should include a header with the following: name, class title, and date.

What To Turn In

Submit your finished statement to the "Creative Statement" assignment on Canvas in a PDF titled yourlastname_creativestatement.pdf.