Project 2: Control & Chaos

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Much of our contemporary world is dominated by media outlets fabricating narratives trying to coerce us to "pick sides" and become reactionary. The concepts of "control" and "chaos" although different, also have overlapping characteristics. Use these dichotomies to your advantage and make a video exploring a critical contemporary issue.





Create a video exploring a critical contemporary issue using the dual concepts of control & chaos:

Do not use: song/tune/melody (in any shape or form), and avoid recognizable sounds. Do not use text (in any form).

Create a critical narrative through filming and editing your footage. When editing, consider the following elements:

Save your completed videos with these specs: 720p (Apple Devices, H.264 Better Quality, 720p HD (1280x720))

Refer to the syllabus for subject matter that will not be accepted for projects in this class.

What To Turn In


Prepare a short 5-minute max presentation on your initial ideas for the project. Include inspirations, possible design ideas, & the overall approach you are planning on taking. Have at least 1 question you'd like to ask us in class.

In Progress

Record your initial footage and make an edit in FCPX. Be prepared to show this edit, either in FCPX or via an export file from your harddrive. You do not need to turn in this initial edit.

Finished Work

Create a folder yourlastname_controlchaos with:

  1. 1 completed video (MOV) with credits:
  2. 1 Statement for Creative Work (PDF), what do you believe is your critical content? What was your thought behind your editing decisions?: yourlastname_controlchaos.pdf
  3. 1 screenshot (PNG) of your FCPX video timeline: yourlastname_controlchaos.png

Prepare to present your work to the class in a 5-minute presentation.

Prepare for electronic transfer onto the instructor computer at the beginning of class.

Submit work by the start of class on the due date. Work submitted after the start of class will be considered late, incomplete projects will not be accepted; in addition, work not labeled according to assignment specifications will be subject to grade adjustments - see syllabus for breakdown of grades. Save your work as you will need all deliverables for your final portfolio.