Exercise 3: Experience & Memory

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Our memory tells us stories, that is what we get to keep from our experiences, is a story. - Daniel Kahneman

Telling a story involves composing a series of ideas/actions together into a narrative. These individual ideas/actions can relate experience through use of texture and tempo. Our memories are similarly composed of experiences and narratives, sometimes scattered and sometimes clear. In this exercise, you will use the set of sounds from Exercise 2: Listen to create 3 short audio stories.



Create 3 audio "stories" from the sound experiences of Exercise 2: Listen, 1 for each of the 3 separate locations:

When creating your 30 second audio narratives, use the following techniques:

Save your completed audio with these specs: AIFF or WAV, 48k, 16bit or higher

Refer to the syllabus for subject matter that will not be accepted for projects in this class.

What To Turn In

In Progress

Create at least one 30 second audio piece from one of your 15 minute audio files in Exercise 2: yourlastname_expmem1

Finished Work

Create a folder yourlastname_expmem containing:

Prepare to present your work to the class in a 5-minute presentation.

Prepare for electronic transfer onto the instructor computer at the beginning of class.

Submit work by the start of class on the due date. Work submitted after the start of class will be considered late, incomplete projects will not be accepted; in addition, work not labeled according to assignment specifications will be subject to grade adjustments - see syllabus for breakdown of grades. Save your work as you will need all deliverables for your final portfolio.