Project 2: Interactivity

Develop a project on the topic of interactivity. The project should:

You are not required to create screen-based work, so feel free to think beyond projections and into sound and/or VR as outputs.

As a piece of media art, the project must incorporate criticality and/or present an exploration into new aesthetics or perspectives. Think beyond what you want something to do and into why you want to do it, what is it's purpose when presented to others, and what do you want your audience to receive after experiencing this piece.

This project is expected to be a culmination of experience throughout the quarter and should be your most ambitious project, both technically and intellectually.



Prepare a short 5-minute max presentation on your initial ideas for the project. Include inspirations, possible design ideas, & the overall approach you are planning on taking. Have at least 1 sketch of your design and 1 question you'd like to ask us in class.

The presentation should be prepared using traditional presentation software such as Powerpoint & Keynote or online tools such as Google Docs Presentation or Prezi.

In Progress

Begin work on your project and be prepared to show a rough draft that demonstrates your initial approach and realizations. Discuss your choices so far, what works, what doesn't, and any questions you have going forward.

Finished Work

Submit your finished project to your Github repository by the beginning of class. Include at least 2 screenshots and/or interesting output. Create at least 1 documentation video and upload to either Youtube or Vimeo. Your readme should include the following:

Your project should have an appropriate title, not simply "untitled" or "project2."

Prepare to present your work to the class in a 5-minute presentation.