Final Show

Final Show

The final show is the culmination of your experience developing the preceding 4 short-form performances. This time, however, you have several weeks in which to develop your ideas, refine the performance, and work out both the required technology and logistics via rehearsals and critiques.

The show itself well take place over the course of an evening, starting from 6-7pm and running possible to 10 or midnight, depending on what performances are taking place and when.

We will work together to identify an overall theme between the performances and develop promotional material ASAP so we can start building an audience. We will also work together to develop a program in the form of a handout for the final show.

For this show, you are responsible for setting up and coordinating any technology you may need ie. audio, video, etc. We will have short, in-class lectures on A/V setup in the coming weeks and you will need to work with any required equipment for workday/practice and rehearsals. We will work together to coordinate transporting required gear to the off campus location (if chosen). You are responsible for any equipment you may use.


The topic for this show is open-ended. You can use one of our previous topics as a starting point or branch out on your own. If you want to revisit an earlier idea or performance, that is fine as well. Your performance can be short-form (singular event) or long-form (more of a happening style) that runs over the course of the evening. I encourage you to think about working in groups as well.

The main requirements for your performance are:

You will also need to develop a short synopsis and creative statement for your performance that we can use in the program for the final show. This includes a list of roles including performers, writers, directors, etc.

Show Info

Gallery Space Info (floor plan, pics)

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