Exercise 4: Action!

At One Moment, Opening Six Holes - Saburo Murakami

At One Moment, Opening Six Holes - Saburo Murakami 1955

Gutai Art does not alter matter. Gutai Art imparts life to matter. Gutai Art does not distort matter. - Gutai Art Manifesto

Choose a simple action and pick apart it's physicality, media, & message.

For example, if you choose "running out the door" as your action, this action can be broken down into the "how", the "why", the "how much" or "how far", the "who", the clothes, the place, the reason(s), how we are too see the action (media), the intended message, etc.

In the manner of the actionists & performance artists of the 60's avant-garde, re-contextualize this action into a 5-10 minute performance for today's world. The action should include one aspect which bridges the gap between physical & virtual. The performance should not include the use of dialog or spoken word, but may utilize audio & video projection.

The name of your performance should be a single verb.


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