Project 2: Interactive Visualization / Game


This project requires you to conceive and create a larger-scale sketch that will utilize external libraries and an object oriented approach in its construction. Whether you choose to create a visualization or a game, the sketch should be directly changeable by user interaction. This interaction should have a discernible feedback loop and result in new framings, presentations or possibilities for the user.

While several libraries will be discussed in class, the project may require additional research on your part using a book, the examples in Processing, and looking at sketches from other web sites. The following sites may provide inspiration:

Please use these sites as well as any other external sources of code for inspiration. I want the code for these projects to be created mainly by you. You may use ideas and code from other projects but you should comment and cite the source of the code. You should also comment each relevant line of the code to demonstrate your understanding of it.

For example,

This code does ... by using ... to ...


The code uses ... to create ... which ...

If code is included without adequate comments you will not receive credit for that part of the sketch. All ideas for this project must be presented to the class and approved. You may change your idea during the creation process but you should communicate that change to me in writing or email prior to implementing the project.

Concept due date: 5/11

Due date: 5/28



Concept Deliverables

Start planning what you want to do for Project 2. Write up a basic outline, at least 1 page in length, on both your concept and how you are thinking about implementing it. Include relevant images, sketchbook photos, and links.

Think of this is a succint project proposal and I'm your project manager. Provide this proposal as a PDF you will copy onto the presentation computer at the beginning of class on the due date.