Exercise 5: Poetry

Visual poetry

Typographical artist Hansjörg Mayer on the 1960s concrete poetry movement in From Concrete Poetry: A World View :

I am only concerned with the use of the 26 lower case letters of the alphabet and ten numerals, since this is all one needs in typography--the most neutral type faces, simplest characters. I believe that it is necessary to get away from personal taste and style, the constructed letter based on line and circle is my material. All my compositions are constructed in the concrete way--all material is used functionally. The compositions are based on serial relationships or random systems of the 26 letters of the alphabet. This kind of concrete typography relates to concrete poetry on its visual side, in the same way that sound poems, devoid of semantic values, relate to the phonetic side.

Create a sketch that displays text loaded from a text file source (.txt, .csv, .xml, or .json). Have the text respond to user input and/or self animate. The source text should contain at least 20 different words and multiple lines. Note: it may be useful to assign positions to words/lines of text in the file itself.

We will present in a small exhibition next class.

Due date: 5/11