EDPX 4010 Tools

Fall 2015
WF 5:00-7:50 @ Shwayder 221
Dan Wilcox, Shwayder 215, danomatika.com
Email: daniel.wilcox[at]du[dot]edu
Voice: 412 980-7081
Office hours: M 4-6pm & by appointment

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Pure Data

11/13: Bang Your Head

We'll be spending class going into more detail on the basics of programming using Pure Data. We'll start by downloading and running the 01.Basics.pd Pure Data patch as part of my Tutorial/Example set called "Bang Your Head".

Bang Your Head

Download BangYourHead.zip and start with 1.Basics/1.Basics.pd.


Explore the examples and help patches in the Pure Data Help Browser (Help Menu->Browser). See what you find. Also, play around with some of the exmaples that come with Bang Your Head.

If you want to get more of the basics behind signal signal processing and computer music, check out Johannes Kreidlier's Programming Electronic Music in Pd.

11/6: Making Your Own Arduino Project


Design and build your own project using the various inputs (buttons, knobs, sensors) and outputs (LEDs, motors, piezo buzzer). You can work for an existing example and add new components and code to it or start from scratch.

Sample Arduino Sketches

NightLight (led, light sensor, knob)

11/4: Getting into Arduino


Do one of the following analog sensor projects in the Arudino kit booklet: Circ-09, Circ-10, or Circ-13.

Sample Arduino Sketches

Titanic + Button control
Titanic + Button & Knob control

10/30: Intro to Arduino

Yay, Arudino kits are here!


Do one of the sample projects in the book that came with your Arduino kit. Make it work, then play with the code a bit to make it work in a different way, ie. change the meoldy if you do the sound player project. We'll talk about how things went in class on Nov 4.

Sample Arduino Sketches


10/28: Intro to dataflow programming via Pure Data

Since the Arduino kits aren't in yet, we'll use today's class getting into dataflow programming using Pure Data.

Sample Patches


Project 3: EDP Wall

Make a small app for the showcase monitor in the EDP office. It can be an update to the face assignment or something new that doesn't require interaction but should include animation of some sort. (See sample sketches below).

We will have a work day on 10/23 for this project and then present at the beginning of class on the 28th. I will then take the apps and format them to run together in a grid on the portrait 1080x1920 moniter, so we'll work out what size your apps should be.

10/23: Sample Processing Sketches

Click the images to download.1







10/21: Sample Processing Sketches

Click the images to download.1


BauhausFace Animate



10/16: In-class Assignment - OG Photoshop 0.0.1

Using the supplied template, create your own custom "Original Gangsta Photoshop 0.0.1" drawing program. You should have at least 4 drawing modes and your own custom pattern (if not more!). Bonus points for utilizing PImage in some way (inspiration). Use your program to create a few original digital works of art. We will present in class on Wed 10/21.

OG Photoshop 0.0.1 template sketch

10/16: Sample Processing Sketches

Click the images to download.1









10/14: In-class Assignment - Draw a face

Draw a face in Processing using only the 2d drawing commands, color settings, and stroke settings. Extra points for uses of curve(), bezier(), & beginShape(). We will present in class on Friday 10/16.

Hint: tracing sizing and location using Photoshop or finding colors using OSX's built in Digital Color Meter app is not "cheating." It's an efficient use of tools.

Project 2: Video

2 minute documentation video of one of your works or concept video for something you are thinking about doing. Final project to be uploaded to Vimeo & embedded on your website. We will critique in class on Friday 10/9.

9/30 In-class Assignment: Make a video RIGHT NOW

Make a video RIGHT NOW:

  • at least 1 minute
  • have two set of titles: begin & end
  • be composed of material either brought for class or shot in class
  • use only simple tools: smart phones, handheld cameras, & iMovie, etc
  • create a Vimeo account & upload finished video

We'll present and discuss at the end of class.

Project 1: Website

Set up a sample wordpress.com (or equivalent) portfolio with your own work. We'll present and discuss in class.

  1. Click on the images to download a zip file that contains the sketch folder. Unzip by double-clicking on the Mac or using Windows Explorer to decompress the file. Place it anywhere and open the sketch in Processing by double-clicking the .pde file inside.